Monday, February 24, 2020

Olay Daily Facials Daily Hydrating Clean

I usually try to wash my face every time I wear makeup. Some days, I am just too tired and use a cleansing wipe. However, sometimes those wipes don't clean off all traces of the makeup especially,  with mascara. I like that these wipes are convenient and had soapy cleanser on them. The cleanser is enriched with grapeseed extract and glycerin to nourish and replenish skin. The wipes had a bit of texture that provided a nice relaxing feeling. It left my skin feeling cleaned and refreshed. I think these wipes are perfect for a weekend trip especially when space might be limited to carry a big bottle of cleanser.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Julep Boost Your Radiance Reparative Rosehip Seed Oil

I love using facial oils especially after using a clay mask. I have been using Julep products for a while and some of them I love and others I hate. When I saw this facial oil, I thought I would give it a try since it was only $28 and I seen more expensive facial oils.

The facial oil is packed with vitamin E, rosehip seed oil, and bergamot oil. The silky oil had a pleasant scent and absorbed quickly. My skin felt smoother, softer and more hydrated. I felt like facial oil was a good value for the quality.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Book Review - Bridge 108 by Anne Charnock + Giveaway

Photo Credit - Amazon

In the late twenty-first century, drought and wildfires ravage southern Europe causing residents to flee. When twelve-year-old Caleb and his mother make the journey north, he becomes separated from her and falls victim to human traffickers. He becomes enslaved in an enclave outside Manchester but, he uses the opportunity to improve his situation. Even when his situation looks dire, Caleb never loses hope.

Caleb meets another victim of trafficking and together they look for better opportunities. He hides in the woods and searches for a new place to call home. As Caleb searches for his path, he realizes he can't trust anyone because he might end up in a perilous situation. 

I enjoyed reading this novel as the writing flowed smoothly. The book grabbed my attention and kept it until the end. I enjoyed reading about Caleb and his adventures in finding a place to belong. I liked that the author included different points of view in the book but, I felt like some characters should have been included. I would have liked to have read about his friend in the enclave roof next door and her motivations. The book was fast-paced but, lacked a bit of world-building. The author mentioned a few things in passing but, I wanted to know more about the tech or the political landscape. I felt like this book would be a great introductory novel into an awesome series about a new "world".

**Disclosure - I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion. This post may contain affiliate links which means I earn advertising and/or referral fees if you purchase an item through my link. Please note, there will be no extra charges to you. Thank you for your support.**

Print Length: 195 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1542006082
Publisher: 47North (February 18, 2020)
Publication Date: February 18, 2020
Sold by: Services LLC
Language: English

Praise for BRIDGE 108

“Readers who enjoy coming-of-age stories with hopeful messages will be gratified by this topical tale of human resourcefulness in the face of climate disaster.” —Publishers Weekly

A dystopian novel set in the climate-ravaged Europe of A Calculated Life. Told through multiple voices against the backdrop of a haunting and frighteningly believable future, Bridge 108 charts the passage of a young boy into adulthood amid oppressive circumstances that are increasingly relevant to our present day.

From the Arthur C. Clarke Award–winning author, a dystopian novel of oppression set in the climate-ravaged Europe of A Calculated Life, a finalist for the Kitschies award and Philip K. Dick Award.

Late in the twenty-first century, drought and wildfires prompt an exodus from southern Europe. When twelve-year-old Caleb is separated from his mother during their trek north, he soon falls prey to traffickers. Enslaved in an enclave outside Manchester, the resourceful and determined Caleb never loses hope of bettering himself.

After Caleb is befriended by a fellow victim of trafficking, another road opens. Hiding in the woodlands by day, guided by the stars at night, he begins a new journey—to escape to a better life, to meet someone he can trust, and to find his family. For Caleb, only one thing is certain: making his way in the world will be far more difficult than his mother imagined.

Told through multiple voices and set against the backdrop of a haunting and frighteningly believable future, Bridge 108 charts the passage of a young boy into adulthood amid oppressive circumstances that are increasingly relevant to our present day.

You can purchase Bridge 108 at the following Retailers:

Photo Content from Anne Charnock

Anne Charnock's latest novel, DREAMS BEFORE THE START OF TIME, is the winner of the 2018 Arthur C. Clarke Award, and was shortlisted for the BSFA 2017 Best Novel Award. Her novella THE ENCLAVE has won the BSFA 2017 Best Short Fiction Award. This novella is written in the same world as her debut novel, A CALCULATED LIFE, which was a finalist for the 2013 Philip K. Dick and The Kitschies Golden Tentacle Awards.

SLEEPING EMBERS OF AN ORDINARY MIND, her second novel, was named by The Guardian as one of the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2015

Anne Charnock's journalism has appeared in New Scientist, The Guardian, Financial Times, International Herald Tribune and Geographical. She was educated at the University of East Anglia, where she studied Environmental Sciences, and at The Manchester School of Art, England where she gained a Masters in Fine Art.

As a foreign correspondent, she travelled widely in Africa, the Middle East and India and spent a year overlanding through Egypt, Sudan and Kenya.

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Friday, February 21, 2020

Grace and Stella Dead Sea Mud Mask

I love putting on a mask and taking a nice relaxing bath. This creamy mud mask is enriched with Dead Sea mud, kaolin, shea butter, sunflower oil, aloe vera juice, jojoba oil, hickory bark extract, and calendula oil. The clay mask went on smoothly and didn't leave my skin feeling tight. The mask dried quickly without causing that cracked mud look on the skin.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Book Review - Almost Home by Valerie Fraser Luesse

Photo Credit - Amazon

When America entered World War II, the small town of Blackberry Springs, Alabama grew overnight. Workers from all over are coming south for jobs in the factories. Dolly Chandler's family is going through a hard time and decides to turn her family home into a boardinghouse to accommodate the worker boom. Each one of Dolly's boarders is bringing a bit of the past with them along with their hopes for the future.

A couple from the Midwest who is going through a tough time in their marriage, a pair of married unemployed professors from Chicago, a widower from Mississippi, and a young veteran who is struggling to heal from the war. They each are hoping that they can heal at Dolly's house and find their back in the real world.  However, the house has a past that it's waiting to reveal to the boarders.

When an accident occurs and threatens Dolly's livelihood, she has to rely on her band of friends for help. Will the group of friends be able to solve the mystery of the missing young bride and pirate?

I thought the novel was a fun read. The novel was told from two different perspectives of a young woman in a failing marriage and a veteran returning from the war.  I found the middle of the novel to move a bit slow but, I did enjoy all the characters. I found the ending bittersweet and it felt like I was saying goodbye to a good friend when I finished reading the book. I am looking forward to reading more books by the author.

**Disclosure - I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion. This post may contain affiliate links which means I earn advertising and/or referral fees if you purchase an item through my link. Please note, there will be no extra charges to you. Thank you for your support.**

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Book Spotlight - The Unwilling: A Novel by Kelly Braffet + Giveaway

Brand: MIRA
Categories: Historical Fantasy, Fantasy, Fiction, Epic Fantasy
On Sale Date: February  11, 2020
Publication Month: February 2020
ISBN: 9781488055393


"Kelly Braffet is extraordinary... Familiar yet entirely unique, The Unwilling is the sort of story that seeps under your skin and pulses there, intimate and vibrant and alive. Fantasy at its most sublime." —Erin Morgenstern, New York Times bestselling author of The Starless Sea and The Night Circus

"A juggernaut of an epic fantasy novel with ingenious, thrilling twists and turns. Put this on the shelf beside Naomi Novik and George R. R. Martin. Kelly Braffet is a marvel and I'll read anything she writes." —Kelly Link, MacArthur Genius Recipient and of Get in Trouble

"Kelly Braffet's The Unwilling is a viscerally powerful book. Full of complex and compelling characters, this is the story of the corruptions of power and the strength it takes to resist. This is an incredible, brilliant story." —Kat Howard, author of Roses and Rot

"Gorgeously told, The Unwilling is at once a sweeping epic and an intimate portrait of being trapped in an oppressive regime. Meet your new favorite fantasy writer." —Gwenda Bond, New York Times bestselling author of Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds

"Suspenseful, magical, wonderfully written, and never predictable, Braffet's first foray into speculative fiction is an essential addition to all epic-fantasy collections." —Booklist, STARRED Review

"Wow...The characters, the world, the magic and greed and politics and pain--all of it adds up to something wonderful. I love it." —Ellen Datlow, award-winning editor and anthologist

A penetrating tale of magic, faith and pride…

The Unwilling is the story of Judah, a foundling born with a special gift and raised inside Highfall castle along with Gavin, the son and heir to Lord Elban’s vast empire. Judah and Gavin share an unnatural bond that is both the key to her survival…and possibly her undoing.

As Gavin is groomed for his future role, Judah comes to realize that she has no real position within the kingdom, in fact, no hope at all of ever traveling beyond its castle walls. Elban—a lord as mighty as he is cruel—has his own plans for her, for all of them. She is a mere pawn to him, and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

But outside the walls, in the starving, desperate city, a magus, a healer with his own secret power unlike anything Highfall has seen in years, is newly arrived from the provinces. He, too, has plans for the empire, and at the heart of those plans lies Judah… The girl who started life with no name and no history will soon uncover more to her story than she ever imagined.

An epic tale of greed and ambition, cruelty and love, this deeply immersive novel is about bowing to traditions and burning them down.

You can purchase The Unwilling at the following Retailers:

Photo Content from Kelly Braffet

Kelly Braffet is the author of the novels The Unwilling, Save Yourself, Josie and Jack and Last Seen Leaving. Her writing has been published in The Fairy Tale Review, Post Road, and several anthologies. She attended Sarah Lawrence College and Columbia University and currently lives in upstate New York with her husband, the author Owen King.
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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Rituals Honey Touch Indian Rose & Himalaya Honey Rich and Nourishing Body Cream

The Rituals honey touch body cream is packed with Himalayan honey, Indian rose extracts, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and cocoa butter. The creamy luxurious cream goes on smoothly and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. I found the soft rose scent to be relaxing and stayed on my skin throughout the day.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Book Review - Promise for Tomorrow by Michelle DeBruin + Giveaway

Photo Credit - Amazon

Logan and Karen decide to live a life of faith but, things are not going as they planned. Karen Millerson hoped to be teaching at a high school but, she is now teaching at a country school while boarding with a family of farmers.  She becomes engaged to  Logan De Witt and shares a life of faith with him. However, after a tragic accident occurs and the school catches on fire, Karen is blamed. Her future at the school remains uncertain.

Logan De Witt is working to remove his family from financial debt. However, when he accidentally breaks his leg, he is unable to work the farm which affects his ability to repaid the debt. Logan is faced with difficult decisions that might affect his desire to marry Karen. Will Logan and Karen find a way to care for his family and protect his love for Karen?

This the second novel in the series and while it can be read as a standalone, I felt like I was missing as few references as I didn't read the first book. For example, the struggles that Logan and Karen faced before agreeing to get married were already sorted in the beginning but, the couple didn't want their relationship to be noted as scandalous as they were courting while she lived with him. There were a few places were the book was a bit slow but, I enjoyed the plot twists. I enjoyed the part where the kids were playing pranks with each other even though, I felt for Karen.

**Disclosure - I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion. This post may contain affiliate links which means I earn advertising and/or referral fees if you purchase an item through my link. Please note, there will be no extra charges to you. Thank you for your support.**

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Promise for Tomorrow
By Michelle De Bruin
Christian Historical Romance
Paperback & ebook, 290 Pages
November 19th 2019 by Mantle Rock Publishing

Living a life of faith isn’t going the way Logan and Karen hoped until some special visitors arrive and offer them their future back.

Karen Millerson dreamed of teaching high school but now finds herself boarding with a farm family and teaching country school. She is engaged to marry Logan De Witt and is getting prepared to share in ministry with him. But when she gets blamed for the tragic fire at the school, Karen’s future grows uncertain.

Logan De Witt is working to clear his family’s name with the bank. But when he breaks his leg, hindering his ability to work the farm, Logan is faced with life-changing decisions. When his best friend can’t offer the help he requested, can Logan find a way to care for his family and court Karen at the same time before his love for her destroys all of them?

(Affiliate links included.)

Other Books in the Series

Hope for Tomorrow
By Michelle De Bruin
Christian Historical Romance
Paperback & ebook, 294 Pages
October 23rd 2018 by Mantle Rock Publishing LLC

When Logan De Witt learns of his father’s sudden death, he returns home to the family’s dairy farm. During his stay, he discovers his mother’s struggle with finances and his younger sister’s struggle with grief. Concern for his family presses Logan to make the difficult decision to leave his career as a pastor and stay on the farm. As a way to make some extra money, he agrees to board the teacher for their local school.

Karen Millerson arrives from Chicago ready to teach high school but her position is eliminated so she accepts the role of country school teacher. Eager to put her family’s ugly past behind her, Karen begins a new career to replace the trust she lost in her own father who had been in ministry when she was a child.

Logan and Karen both sense a call from the Lord to serve him, but neither of them expected that one day they would do it together.

Can Karen learn to trust again? Will Logan lay aside his grief in exchange for God’s purpose for his life?

(Affiliate links included.)

About the Author

Michelle De Bruin lives in Iowa with her husband and two teenage sons. She has a bachelor’s degree in Religion with a Christian Ministry emphasis, and in Music. Michelle is the spiritual services provider for an organization that offers services for people with mental and physical disabilities. She has been a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) since 2015. Michelle writes inspirational historical romance about people who live in rural communities. Characters that bring to life the delights of farm and small-town living, whispers of Dutch heritage, and Christian faith make Michelle’s stories distinct. A romantic at heart, Michelle is always on the lookout for glimpses of God’s love through the window of a good story. Her first book, Hope for Tomorrow, released in 2018. The sequel, Promise for Tomorrow, released November 2019.

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