Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Book Review - The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

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**May Contain Spoilers*

Nix Song is like every other girl in the world -- she wishes for something more and love/attention from her father. She is a girl with an mysterious past and an uncertain future.  She is the navigator on her father's pirate ship and she is also a time traveller.  

The band of misfit pirates whose past collide but each of their future is full of uncertainty travels together to find the next piece of the puzzle; unsure of what is waiting for them. Nix follows her father, Slate around the world and through time in hopes of winning his love and affection but also because she feels trapped. Slate is interested in a very specific time and place; when Nix's mother was alive but Nix wasn't.  Nix helps her father find his lost love because she is sure it won't work but every time she comes across a new map, her heart skips a beat. Nix is unsure why her father is willing to risk everything for the sake of love. Until of course, she falls in love and see how losing the one you love can be the most painful experience in your life.

The book is an interesting read and goes by quickly -- but some parts it was rather slow and boring. It has themes of mythology and time traveling. However, I feel like the book was trying to hard; almost like it was trying to be the next Harry Potter series. Being quite the simpleton, the whole time traveling business left me with more questions and confusion than anything else. It was an interesting read but it just wasn't for me. I did like the little section in the back that went into detail about new stories, mythology and tidbits that inspired the story.

**Disclosure - I received a copy of an uncorrected ebook for my honest opinion --- this had no impact on my review and feedback**

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