Saturday, December 12, 2020

Book Review - Don't Look for Me by Wendy Walker


 Molly Clarke disappeared during a storm.  Her car was found abandoned and out of gas near the highway. They found a note at a nearby hotel saying she is "walking away". Her family is shattered that Molly has abandoned them.

When Molly ran out of gas, a man and a young girl offered her a ride to safety. However, when the door automatically locked behind her, Molly has a feeling she made a terrible mistake.

 A woman comes forward with a new lead on Molly's disappearance. Nicole, Molly's daughter returns to the small, desolate town where her mother was last seen. Everyone is eager to help and have bits of information to share. Except it seems that everyone has their own motivates and secrets that they are keeping. Will Molly be able to find her mother?

The the book was a quick and interesting read. I was able to predict who the kidnapper was but, the ending was unexpected. I am not really sure I was a fan of the ending. It felt a little unbelievable. However, I am still open to reading other books by the author.

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