Monday, January 6, 2020

Book Review - On a Summer Tide by Suzanne Woods Fisher

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Camden Grayson loves a challenge. Her professional career has never been better but, the rest of her life needs improvement.  Her sisters believe that her motto of "moving on" isn't helping her. Cam's life gets all topsy turvy when her father sells their childhood home to buy a remote island off the coast of Maine.

Paul Grayson and his deceased wife shared a dream of returning to the camp where they first met and fell in love. However, while Paul was busy chasing his career, his wife passed away during an unfortunate accident. He decided that he spent too much of his time waiting to achieve their dreams and decides to buy the island. He believes that he already wasted time he could have spent with this wife but, now he can use this time to bond with his daughters. Will the island provide solace to the family? Will they be able to find their path of happiness?

I grew up and spent most of my time in the city but, I have visited a few islands. Living on an island or even a small community has a different pace of time. A person can breathe and reconnect with each other and Mother Nature. The novel showed how people sometimes get caught up with the daily demands of life that they forgot to take time and reconnect with themselves and each other. The novel was a nice cozy read about three sisters finding their path to happiness along with a few twists.

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