Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Finding Ferdinand Nob Hill Red Lipstick

Guess how many red lipsticks I own? More than any normal sane person should have. I love red lipsticks. Nothing makes me feel like I can take on the world more than a beautiful bold red.

I never heard of the brand before but, I am always up to try something new. I rarely buy the same thing twice unless it's truly something I can't live without and it's on sale. Let's be honest, makeup is expensive and  sometimes I do really question if it's wrong to sell my organs to support my habit.

While I never heard of the brand, I felt that a $30 price tag is kind of steep. I felt like for a few more dollars, I could get a well known prestige brand lipstick or a few beloved drugstore favorites. But, my dear readers, I bite the bullet and got one. The packaging was sleek but, it didn't have heavy weight like Colourpop or Urban Decay's lipsticks. I did like that you did have to push the tube up before the lipstick popped down.

The warm-hued lipstick went on smoothly. One swipe provided full coverage but, I like applying two coats for even application. It felt nice against the skin and lasted maybe two hours before fading away. I like the color on me but, I can't say it's my favorite shade nor do I find myself reaching for this often. I am opened to trying new colors by the brand but, definitely not paying full price.

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