Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Book Review - Three Perfect Liars by Heidi Perks


Laura is excited to return back to work after her maternity leave. Upon her return, she discovers the woman she hired to cover for her temporarily has been offered a permanent position. Laura feels betrayed and blindsided even though she has a close relationship with the CEO. As she pushed aside, she finds herself struggling with managing the demands of work and motherhood.

Mia was supposed to be a temporary hire but, she made herself indispensable to keep herself at the agency. Everyone loves Mia, except Laura. Janie gave up her dreams to support her husband and his company. However, she has a dark secret she is hiding.

I am very disappointed how boring and predictable this book was. There was nothing thrilling about this novel. The characters were dull and seemed wooden. I can't believe I wasted so much time reading this book because I kept hoping something would happen that would not make me not regret reading this book.

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