Tuesday, June 1, 2021

June 2021 Haul!



June is here and we have reached the midpoint of the year! This year has flown by so quickly. It feels like it was just May yesterday. On to the goodies!

As always, I finished zero lip products but, I bought 90 more. I found this makeup store called Absolute NYC that sells makeup that is like NYX and ELF in terms of pricing and quality. I am curious to see how they will perform.Ciate Beauty was having a sale and I have tried their products and loved it. I snagged a few more liquid lipsticks to add to my collection. I bought a few more Milk Makeup Kush lip glazes and balm. I like that they are go on sheer and can be layered for more color.

I have been trying to buy more natural, organic and better for you and environment items. I bought this new mascara from W3LL People. I read good reviews online and I hope it works.  I bought two new liquid eye shadow from Kosas. I am really like the Copper Halo color. The color payout is vibrant but, it does take a bit to dry and I am afraid I will get a creases before its dried. 

I had mixed results with Glow Recipe but, I keep buying their products still. I got the Banana Souffle moisture cream and sadly, it doesn't taste like banana cream pie. I got two new products from Tetraforce. One is an acne patch and the other is a wash off mask. I usually have good results from using Korean beauty products.

Have you gotten anything you are excited to try?

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