Thursday, May 28, 2020

Book Review - The Shadows by Alex North

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In the small town of Gritten Park, there lives an unstable teenager named Charlie Crabtree. Every town has at least one kid who has a dark imagination, a sinister smile and is an outcast. People always suspect that they are capable of doing something awful and it was only a matter of when.

Twenty-five years ago, Charlie committed a heinous murder. It was a murder so shocking that it has attracted a fanbase on the darkest corner of the internet. The murder has inspired more than one copycat with countless others following the case closely.

Paul Adams remembers the murder and moved away in hopes of forgetting the murder. Charlie and the victim were Paul's friends. After moving away, Paul has finally gotten his life together. When his mother suffers a fall and takes a turn for the worse, Paul decides to move back home. Paul doesn't want to return home but, he feels duty-bound to his mother to see her.

Shortly after Paul returns home, things start going wrong. Paul learns that there is a copycat murder in the nearby town. His senile mother is getting distressed and mentions that something is in the house. Paul realizes that someone is following him and he is worried that it might be Charlie who hasn't been seen since the day of the murder.

I haven't read the first novel by the author but, this novel can be read as a standalone. I felt like there were a few references made to the previous book that I didn't quite understand. I thought the book was a thrilling and engaging read. The book will keep you up at night wondering if there is something out there in the shadows. I look forward to reading other books by the author.

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