Thursday, May 14, 2020

Library of Flowers Honeycomb Bath Oil

I love getting new bath products! Especially ones with gorgeous packaging like the ones from Margot Elena. This bath oil can be used both as a shower gel and bath oil. I have enough shower gel and fancy bar soaps to last me ages, so I used this a bath oil. I poured a generous amount maybe 1/3 of the bottle to get a generous luxurious lather. The bath oil is enriched with cocoa butter and bee balm to leave the skin soft and nourished. The pleasant scent had an aroma of sugared figs, ambrosia honey, and royal bee blossom. The bath oil is a little pricey at $28 a bottle but, if you use it carefully (unlike myself who has a hard time stopping), it may last you longer than it did me.

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