Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lashem Lash Growth Serum

Apply product to the lash line
After reading some reviews about lash enhancers, I tried giving Lashem Lash Growth Serum a try. First, a little history about lash enhancers: Patients who were on a prescription for treating glaucoma had developed beautiful long lashes thanks to the side effects of the drug. Noticing this, cosmetics companies started making lash enhancers mimicking the glaucoma drug. Shortly, boat loads of lash enhancers, serums and mascaras hit the market. 

One of them is the Lashem Lash Growth Serum. The serum promises longer, darker, more  voluminous lashes.  The product did live up to its promise, as I noticed my lashes grew a bit longer and got darker. The directions indicate the product should be used once daily on clean eyes. I normally use the product at night time, since it is easier to incorporate into my beauty regime.  The product is applied as a thin line on the lash line. The formula is paraben free, with a combination of goji berry, green tea, cranberry, grape seed extract, qusome and oligo polypeptide.
The brush is thin which makes application fairly easy
On the downside, using this product can be quite pricey. The retail price is roughly $90 but you can sometimes find it on sale for $50 or less. Also, if you  stop using this product, your eyelashes will slowly return to their normal size. Personally speaking, I would rather buy a lash enhancing mascara since you get the same benefits and it is a lot cheaper.

Lashem Lash Growth Serum

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