Friday, January 30, 2015

Seventeen May 2014

Get a Bronzed Body
1. Bring on the soft!  It doesn’t matter how much self-tanner you use - if your skin isn’t soft, you’ll into a splotch monster. Smooth rough spots stat with a sea salt scrub.
2. Score a killer tan! Try a bronzing gel for the easiest insta-tan! It shows up on your skin as you apply, so you don’t miss a single spot - and you feel pretty right away!
3. Make a buffer your bestie! Fix “eek” streaks with a buffer! This magical eraser blends out any patchy areas that pop up.
4. Protect in a pretty way! Keep your faux tan soft and smooth and your skin protected with a daily moisturiser with SPF 30
5. Say hey to shea! Meet your secret weapon! Warm a few pumps of shea oil moisturizer in your hands, and rub it on spots you want to make even more glowy - like your arms or chest.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Glamour May 2014

Your Body’s Dream Swimsuit
If you’re curly -
a. Do opt for strategic center paneling to give the illusion of a lean silhouette.
b. Don’t do large scale florals - big prints make you look bigger. Small prints work, though!
c. Do choose a one piece with waist cinching diagonal lines that point to the middle.
d. Don’t fear bikinis! Fold over bottoms let you control the amount of coverage.
e. Do show off your very best assets. Broadcast what you’ve got!

If you’re busty -
a. Do look for underwires and molded cups.
b. Don’t be afraid of triangle tops, though - as long as they have a band under the bust.
c. Do seek out suits that let you buy the top and bottom in different sizes.
d.  Don’t go for a bandeau. Not flattering or supporting for the bigger busted among us.
e. Do have fun on the bottom! Ruffles, details, retro styles...they all draw attention down. Keep your top simples.

If you’re  straight up and down-
a. Do bare slivers of skin at your middle or sides to fake an hourglass shape,
b. Don’t shy away from horizontal stripes - you’re one of the few who can pull them off.
c. Do add volume on top with ruffles, or try a plunging neckline with some padding.
d. Don’t limit yourself to sporty styles. They’re not doing you any favors. Go girly!
e. Do experiment with retro high waisted bottoms, which will add a little oomph.

If you’re  bottom heavy-
a. Do mix and match! Having stripes or bright on top makes that the focus.
b. Do try the totally eighties high hip styles, which can create a flattering triangular shape.
c. Do choose side ties so you can adjust the fit and camouflage hips.
d. Don’t go too tiny on top; it’ll throw off your proportions further.
e. Do pick an interesting neckline, like a one shoulder, for a great diversionary tactic.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Better Homes and Garden March 2014

Anatomy of a Planter
Use Quality Soil - Loose, peat based potting soil is the standard for containers - it’s light and well aerated, and it drains perfectly. Never use garden soil or old potting soil. Amending garden beds with used potting soil is a great day to get rid of it.
Reduce Weight   -  Use a lightweight filler in the bottom of the large pots to reduce the amount of potting soil you need to buy, and to lower the weight of planted containers. . A layer of landscape fabric  keeps soil separate  from the filler below
Allow Drainage - an outdoor planter must have a drain hole. If not,  create one with an appropriate  drill bit.  If not, create one with an appropriate  drill bit. A filter pad at the bottom of the pot will keep soil from escaping.
Protect the Surface - a saucer will catch drain water where you need surfaces to stay dry.  Pot feet are an alternative that lets you easily  clean under planters.

Eye Creams - ultra-hydrating salves that plump crow’s feet, calm  puffiness, and camouflage undereye circles. If you aim is simply to soften lines, try applying your regular facial treatments to the area; you might find they work just as well.
Masks - treatments that deliver potent ingredients directly to the skin for immediate - albeit temporary - results. Moisturizing creams and sheet masks plump lines in minutes. Acne - prone patients are best served by the oil-absorbing properties of clay or charcoal formulas.
Scrubs -  cleansing gel or creams spiked  with grainy bits to  physically slough away dirt, dead skin  cells, and impurities.
Peels - rinse off acidic  formulas that   scrubs - loosen bonds between  the cells to whisk away dead skin.  Glycolic, alpha hydroxy, citric, and salicylic acids are  all common active ingredients.
Oils - lots of cleansers and serum now come in oil - rather than water base versions.  It’s you have dry skin, you might find that beauty oils makes skin feel softer.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Seventeen March 2014

BackStage Secrets
Pretty Pastels - a wash of soft color is the girly new way to wear a shadow. First prep lids with cream concealer - it will make the color pop more! Then just brush on a sweet shade [think lime or amethyst] all over lids.
Metallic Eyes -  amp up your go to nudes with glitter! A swipe of sparkly cream shadow over a neutral shade instantly updates your lids for a night out. Plus, it seals in color for a look that won’t budge!
Day Glo Lips - the key to fluorescent lips: mix bright lipstick with white primer on the back of your hand before painting it on. You’ll wind up with an opaque, pigmented shade that stands out.
3D Nail Art -  it sounds crazy, but using candle wax as glue makes your nail appliques last twice as long! Scrape off soft wax with a toothpick and dab onto the back of the mini crystals. Press them onto wet nails, and the wax will harden with the polish.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Harper’s Bazaar December 2013/January 2014

Have $57K burning a hole in your pocket? Guerlain’s Bespoke Fragrance service includes consultations with the brand’s master perfumer in Paris and yields a five year supply of your personal scent, housed in a Baccarat crystal bottle.

How to wear Gold - metallic makeup can flatter everyone as long as it is applied correctly. Use it sparingly so you don’t draw attention to fine lines. Add a hint of gold shadow to the center of your lids, or top your lipstick with a swipe of gold gloss. It makes your lips look fuller.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

InStyle December 2013

How to Pull It Off -
1. Stay away from all the classic accoutrements, such as a cummerbund or a bow  tie -  they look way too cliched and costumey on a woman.
2. A tuxedo jacket can be chic worn over a silk camisole, a white T-Shirt, or even bare skin as you don’t reveal too much cleavage.
3. Wear feminine, sexy heels or glamorous earrings to offset the masculine overtones.
4. Tuxedo pants can be worn day or night when treated as a separate.  Substitute them for your favorite black trousers for an instant style upgrade.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blue Apron Delivery for Nov. 21

This was my first delivery with Blue Apron. I ordered the 1] Croque Monsier Style Sandwiches with Bacon, Radish and Little Gem Lettuce Salad 2] Yuzu Kosho-Glazed Chicken Drumsticks with Shiitake Mushrooms, Turnips and Rice Salad 3] Seared Hake with Melted Leeks and Fingerling Potatoes. The recipes are were easy to make and the instructions were in detail and easy to follow. The recipes were a bit delicious and they did give a good portion size but I was still a bit hungry after eating the meal. The delivery is $60 for 3 meals for 2 servings which is decent but still a bit expensive for an every week delivery but perfect for a treat.

Old Factory Candle - Man Cave Gift Set

I have always been a big fan of soy candles. So, I was super excited when I had gotten the opportunity to try these soy candles. All the gift sets are specially curated and has three different scents that come in 2 oz glass containers. The labels are super cute and has an very old apothecary look. Each candle lasts around 20 hours and has a cotton wick. The candle works well in one small room but you can combine 2 candles for one large room. I am not what each scent smells like but my favorite was the straight razor which has a clean and fresh scent.  

Here are the links to all the available gift sets -

Disclosure - I have received a free sample of this product to review.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Julep Nail Polish - Amelia

Amelia is a soft shimmery gold color. It does have a bit of a streaky issue. Overall, it is a nice nude but it isn't one of my favorites.