Friday, February 26, 2021

Book Review - Sea Rose Lane (Hope Harbor, #2) by Irene Hannon



Attorney Eric Nash returns home after being layoff. When he arrives to his childhood home, he realizes his home is being turned into a bed and breakfast. Instead of being able to plot his new future course, he has to contend with the noise and chaos from the construction along with the alluring architect, BJ Stevens. He finds himself drawn to BJ but, he knows he can't have a relationship with her if he will be leaving town for a new job.

BJ feels attracted to Eric but, she is afraid of committing because of her own disastrous romance in the past. She rather focus on getting her new business new customers and working on her special projects. However, when one of BJ's projects needs help, Eric steps in to assist. Will the pair be able to ignore the feelings they have for each other?

I found the novel to be an okay read. I like that there wasn't too many back and forth between the characters and their feelings. I liked that they were open and honest with each other about how they felt. Their romance was definitely a slow burn and took a while before they confronted their feelings. Fans of the author would enjoy the book.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Book Review - Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes by Jules Moulin



Ally Hughes is a single mother who has her hands full with teaching at Brown with a cranky boss. At home, she has to deal with an old house in desperate need of repair, a critical mother, and a genius daughter. Ally spends her times taking care of other people's needs and she barely has time to date or even entertaining the idea of finding someone.

She doesn't have time for a relationship and she isn't into flings. However, when she meets, Jake, all her best intentions are out of the window. Jake is her student and who wants Ally to open her heart and life to loving someone. Ten years later, Ally is still single. Jake reappears in Ally's life but, as the boyfriend of Ally's daughter.

This novel was a boring read. It feels like this was someone's romantic dream and they decided to create a novel behind it. The story is an fluff piece with boring and predictable characters. If you want to read a book with an abundant amount of sex but, with no story, this is the novel for you.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Book Review - The Birthday Girl by Melissa de la Cruz


Before Ellie de Florent-Stinson became renowned fashion designer, she was a trailer park teen about to turn sixteen. Ellie plans a big celebration for her birthday but, her night doesn't go exactly as she planned. Ellie is celebrating her fortieth birthday and it appears that Ellie has everything she ever wanted. She has a successful business, an accomplished stepdaughter, a handsome husband, and beautiful children. She has several homes and huge circle of well-to-do friends.

However, not everything is what it seems. Ellie is keeping secrets from family and friends. She is struggling to keep all her skeletons buried. She fears all her secrets might be expose on her big night with all her old and new friends at her party. As Ellie's carefully curated life begin to crumble, will she be able to survive the aftermath?
This novel was a boring waste of time. The book was filled with fillers and lacked substance just like its vapid characters. I couldn't find a single thing I enjoyed about the book. This seems like a type of novel that takes a few weeks to create because there really isn't any story. The one "twist" could be seen miles away. This book isn't a thriller but, a fluff piece.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

February 2021 Haul Part 2!


 Wow, the month has blown a flurry of snow and rain showers. Although, I am not really sad to see February go because the weather has been intolerable. I am very excited for warmer weather on the horizon. 

I have finished quite a few masks this month so, I bought a bunch to replenish my stock...even though I finished 10 and bought over 30... I bought some more Aroh, Detoskin, and Factory branded masks. I had really good results with their masks previously so, I wanted to try other masks from the line. I have noticed a difference with my skin texture and hydration when I been using the facial sheet masks more consistently. 

I got some new lip already know the drill. I have an obsession with lip products but, yet I never seem to finish any except one balm every season. I bought two new MAC lipsticks in Mixed Media and Russian Red. Mixed Media is darker than I normally go but, I thought the swatches online looked really good. I am excited to wear it when dining out. I heard many good things about the Natasha Denona brand and this is my first lip product by them. I am really excited to try it. I got a new lip product by Clarins. I never tried any of their makeup items but, their skincare items work well. The rest of the items are things I have bought before or different colors in the same line. 

I bought two new products from Earth Harbor. I have quite a few products from them already.  I am really loving their Tidal Rose hydration mist. It smells so lovely.  I got their Sunshine Dew cleansing oil and the Aqua Aura eye cream. The one thing I don't like is that even though they have a very minimal aesthetic going on, they don't have any instructions on their packaging. I had bought a kit and it was annoying that I had to look up the instructions as it wasn't obvious.

I been loving serums lately! They definitely give you the biggest bang for your buck. I bought Byroe Tomato Serum. It looks so thick and luxurious. I can't wait to give it a try. I got a facial oil from Edible Beauty and the packaging is so cute! And finally, I got a Summer Friday mask because I been seeing it everywhere on IG. I can't wait to try it during my next spa day!

Did you get anything new that you are excited to try?

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Book Review - Hunted by Darcy Coates


Eileen is a twenty-two-year old who decided she wanted to embark on more challenges in life. She decides to hike the remote Ashlough Forest alone. After not returning any calls from family and friends, they reported her as missing. Five days later, her camera is found in a river and it contains weird photos that were taken around her disappearance.

Chris is heartbroken over his sister's disappearance. He wants to believe that she is still alive. However, when the police abandons their search, he and his four friends decided to make their own search party. They decide to stray from the hiking trails to find clues on Eileen's disappearance. While searching the mountain range, they discover find disturbing evidence that they might not be alone in the forest and that Eileen's disappearance was no accident.

I have read quite a few books by the author and this is one is quite different from her normal ghost stories. I found that this book is more of a thriller with death involved. While, I did enjoy the novel I found that book was longer and then necessary and the culprit was very easy to guess. I didn't care for most of the characters in the novel and found them to be trite. I think I might stick with her ghost stories.