Friday, October 31, 2014

Self October 2013

Experts say the omega-3 fatty acids may suppress inflammation. Go for salmon, tuna, halibut and sardines which has the highest level of omega-3.

Refresh your hair - just dip a brush into face powder, dust onto your part and fluff with fingers. It will instantly absorb excess oil that’s weighing your hair down.

Shrink a pimple - concealer hides redness, but you still have that bump. To flatten it, dip a swab in acetone nail polish remover [it dehyrdates] dab on the spot, then wait a few minutes before cover-up.

Tips of Shiny Hair
Brush with greatness - Natural bristles [like boar] boost shine better than synthetic ones. They distribute moisture evenly and won’t strip it out.
Polish your style  - the straighter hair is, the more it reflects light.  Spritz on heat protector, blow dry smooth, and run a  flatiron from roots to ends. Then glide a bit of shine - enhancing oil all over.
Wanna glow up?  Do a mask with natural oils weekly or use this DIY glaze - Mix ½ cup aloe vera juice and ¼ cup avocado oil. Leave on dry hair 30 minutes, shampoo, shine on.

Having a Hell Day?
Salmon, to