Sunday, October 5, 2014

Me Bath! Mini Bath Ice Cream

Photo Source - Me Bath!

Let me go on record, I LOVE baths! I am fond of the Me bath! ice creams but they were just too big sometimes for one bath and cutting it half was not feasible. I came across these and they were perfect. The mini baths salts are perfect for single use or you can throw in a couple to create your own scent. The mini balls do change the water color but doesn’t stain the bath tub. I also love how soft it makes my skin and leaves a soft scent on my skin. Each box contains 2 chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and 1 pomegranate, pear, apple, coconut, papaya and peach to make bath time fun. If you need inspiration on making a bath time scent; the box contains some recipes to make some fun variations like chocolate covered strawberries.

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