Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First Aid Skin Rescue Purifying Mask with Red Clay

In 20 minutes, this promises to detoxify, reduce pores, and control excess oil according to the product’s website. The mask has is enriched with red clay that draws out impurities and purifies the complexion while improving the skin’s texture. The mask was very easy to use but like most masks, it could get a bit messy. While, the paraben, sulfate, and phthalate free mask promised instant results like a professional treatment, I noticed no such thing. Yes, my face was smoother, softer and brighter but my dark spots were still there. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great product, but I don’t think it works like a professional treatment but it does get the job done.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Juara Tiare Jasmine Tea Bath and Shower Gel

The sweet jasmine tea scented body is enriched with extracts of green, white, and black teas to soothe and calm skin.  The body wash is both sulfate and paraben free and employs natural cleansers to soften and moisturize skin. While the body wash was a sweet treat to use, I noticed I couldn’t get much of lather. I didn’t bother using it as a bubble bath as it wouldn’t really lather well when I was using a loofah. Although, I did notice that it did leave my skin silky soft. While, I love the scent, I don’t think I would buy this again because I love when my shower gels give a luxurious lather than envelope me.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Julep Nail Polish - Tracy

One coat :)

The texture nail polish is supposed to be the color of the ocean.  While it is sparkly it does have a dull shine about it though. [They recommend using a top coat to give it a shiny finish] I used two coats to get the full coverage effect.  I did it get some smudges while applying the nail polish and a few chips after 2 hours of applying the nail polish.  But other than that, the polish lasted for another 3 days before I had to redo it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cosmopolitan February 2014

Dress for Every Body Type

Pear Shape - Dresses that are fitted on top and A line on the bottom. Dark pants will slim your lower half. Heels elevate your curves to bombshell level.
Straight Up and Down - peplums create the illusion of a slender waist and curves. A strong shouldered blazer or top does the same by drawing the eye up and out. Avoid dresses without structure unless they are short. Your legs are the best asset, so show them off!
Athletic - bias cut skirts, and tops with wide straps. Soft, fluid fabrics keep strong bodies from looking too masculine. A bias cut dress generally lies flat across the tummy.
Apple - Skirts and dresses with a roomy or flowy lower half, hitting either midthigh or at the shin. They hide tummy, rear-end, and upper thigh issues. Pair with wedges, platforms, or stacked heels to balance out the proportions of your body.

3 New Ways to Use Dry Shampoo
1. Spray it all over for extra volume and body
2. Smooth winter hat dents. Just spray and rub.
3. Disguise root-y highlights. White hued hair powder adds ashiness.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Cosmopolitan April 2014

Late for Work? Getting Ready Quickly
At Home : Prep -
1. Quench skin - your skin’s desperate for a drink - especially if you skimped on sleep, which leaves skin parched
2. Look Alive - rehydrate dry, bloodshot eye with drops before bringing potentially irritating eye makeup anywhere near them.
3. Wake up your face - liquid foundation reverses the look of tired almost instantly. Dot it in the center of your face, and blend outward.
4. Perk up with peach - coral blush masks dullness. Cream formulas melt into foundations and can be dabbed on as you brush your teeth.
5. Work with bedhead - mist hair with texturizing spray, and throw it into a side braid. It looks good in public and sets the scene for a more stylish, work appropriate look later.

At Work: Polish
1. Add dimensions - pay creamy highlighter onto the tops of your cheekbones and lids. It attracts light, hiding dullness and shadow. Bonus - cheekbones look higher without a lot of effort.
2. Keep it simple and smudgy - double ended shadow liners let you create subtle definition with a pencil or shadow filled sponge tip. Finish with mascara.
3. Bring out the balm - busy morning are all about tinted lip balms - they are quick and comforting and require less precision than lipstick.
4. Finish your style - undo the braid, tousle texture with your fingers, and blast roots with dry shampoo for extra volume.
5. Scent yourself - keep a fresh, work - friendly fragrance at your desk for days when perfuming yourself at home is the last thing on your mind.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Allure March 2014

Homemade DIY Spa Treatments
Lemon Face Scrub - mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with a tablespoon of sugar. Scrub in circles, then wipe clean with a damp towel.
Honey and yogurt face mask  - mix a half cup of plain yogurt with a quarter cup of honey, smooth it onto your face, and let it sit for ten minutes. Honey is a fabulous antibacterial and probiotics in yogurt calms and brighten skin when it gets blotchy.
Oatmeal bath soak - puree a cup of rolled oats in a blender until the mixture is as fine as sand. Fill your tub with warm water [not hot water because it will dry skin more] and the oats, then soak.

5 Ways to Use Nivea Creme
1. Makeup remover - massaged into skin and rubbed off with a cloth or cotton ball, the cream removes even matte lipstick, and lip stain, as well as waterproof eye shadow and liner.
2. Shoe polish - dab a small amount of cream on an tissue and use it to buff your leather goods. But don’t use it on soft leather, such as kidskin and calfskin, as it could stain.
3. Styling cream - rub a tiny dab between your palms and run it through your hair to tame flyaways.
4. Primer - before applying cream blush, rub a pea size drop of the creme on your cheeks. It will give a more natural finish.
5. Cuticle Cream - the formula contains glycerin and lanolin to moisturize and create a barrier on the skin.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Marie Claire March 2014

Rock Your Career in 3 Steps or Less
1. Ask Yourself: Would I Do This For Free
2. Maximize Your Afters Hours  - find something you are passionate about and it may grow into something more
3. Don’t Quit Your Day Job Just Yet until you are really ready and emotionally ready.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Allure August 2013

Makeup for Sexy Summer Nights -
Physicians Formula Shimmers Strips blush in Healthy Glow
Lorac Tantalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer
Stila Liquid Lipstick in Bellissima
Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara
CoverGirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Melted Caramel Flame

How to Wear Glitter-
“Size Matters - the finer the particles, the better. Chunky, confetti - esque glitter is best on the stage or runaway.
Draw the Lines - ease into glittery eye makeup with sparkle-flecked liners. They’re simple to use because they can be worn with just black mascara. Don’t line your lower lashes, though.
Loosen UP - if you want to amp it up, try loose glitter. It sounds intimidating, but on nude lids it adds a pretty hint of shine. Choose warm metallics, like bronze, copper, or rose - gold. You must prep the lids with foundation first, so the particles have something to stick to, and line your eyes with black or brown pencil. Then use a flat shadow brush dipped in water to apply the sparkles.
Color in Key - go all out by layering glitter on top of eye shadow. Do matching shades of brown, navy or deep green, or you can even bolder by adding contrast with a muted metallic - like turquoise topped with soft silver or cobalt topped with copper.
Stop There - avoid shine anywhere else on your face. Stick to a semimatte foundation for these looks.”

Top Three Ways to Beat Dark Spots -
“1. Jump on the retinoid bandwagon. It’s often better than hydroquinone to treat hyperpigmentation.
2. Consider regular light laser peels. They can make a big difference, and they’re fast. The CO2RE Laser, its a radio-frequency activated laser that produces a controlled micropeel to restore skin’s glow and improve hyperpigmentation, as well as prominent pores. For best results, get five or six treatments, about two or three weeks apart.
3. Beat Breakouts. Getting acne under control will help minimize the subsequent postinflammatory hyperpigmentation [PIH].  Look cleansers with jojoba beads  for gentle exfoliation, chemical peels, and prescription Ziana or Epiduo gets to treat both the acne and the PIH”.

5 Rules of Choosing Brushes
“1. Consider your makeup routine. Purchasing shadow and liner brushes when you rarely wear eye makeup obviously makes no sense. The new tools may inspire change temporarily, but eventually, you’ll probably return to bare lids. Always keep your everyday look in mind when buying brushes. Then narrow your choices down your top three needs: are you a bronzer, bold lip, or smoky eye person?
2. Look for red flags.  Poor quality brushes can really mess up your makeup. Test - drive new brushes by swirling them on the inside of your arm [never try out a display  brush on your face - it could harbor bacteria ]. If the bristles feel scratchy, uncomfortably stiff, or sheed lip crazy, steer clear - they’ll drag and streak your makeup.
3. Don’t forget your fingers. Why buy a brush when you have ten free fingers? Certain kinds of makeup are easier to blend with a tool. For example, you can apply foundation and cream blush with your fingers. Your body
warms up the formula so it goes on more easily, slowly, and with less streaking.
4. Keep the compact brush. When you open a new compact, give the brush inside a chance; you may not need an upgrade.
5. Don’t go overboard. Only professional makeup artist require a broad collection of brushes, and even they cut corners. For example, a concealer brush can be used to apply lipstick. Most brushes can multitask so there is no need to buy one for every feature. “

Keeping Your Brushes Clean -
“1. Pick the right solution, Too much soap or alcohol dries out bristles [natural and synthetic]. Baby shampoo is safe and contains moisturizers.
2. Don’t submerge them. When the water seeps into the metal band under the bristles, the glue holding the fibers erodes. Pour cleanser into your palm and swirl the bristles in it. Rinse in a shallow bowl of water.
3. Reshape the bristles. Gently pull on the bristles on realign them and get rid of kinks.
4. Dry right. Never drip dry with the bristles pointing upward; lay brushes flat on a towel.”

Thursday, July 10, 2014

All You September 20th, 2013

“Make your nail polish last longer by applying your favorite color and then, once dry, wiping your nails with a cotton ball soaked in white vinegar”. I am not sure, how this work but I might try it.

“If you have coarse hair, your strands are likely to be more color resistant [if you’ve got grays,  you might have noticed this]. But that doesn’t mean you can’t increases your chance of a good outcome.

If your hair is a little wiry - the night before, wash with a clarifying shampoo or rinse with apple cider vinegar to eliminate product buildup, which can keep color from penetrating hair shafts.
If your hair is coarser - do a strand test using the recommended amount of dyeing time. If the color hasn’t taken, leave dye on 10 minutes longer than instructed but thats it.

If your hair is super coarse - blast it with a blow dryer while the dye sinks in. This will open up the cuticle, letting the color penetrate better. Next, cover your head with a shower cap to trap the heat, remove it 10 minutes prior to rinsing, then rinse with cool water. Doing so helps seal the cuticle and lock in the color.”

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Everyday with Rachael Ray September 2013

Apple extracts are known for sloughing sun damaged skin and evening out your complexion. Here are some products to try -
Lumene Age Defying & Repairing Eye Cream
Yves Rocher Wrinkles & Radiance Dazzling Day Cream
Juice Beauty Green Apple Defy Hand Creme
Eclos Daily HydraPrimer SPF 30
MyChelle Apple Brightening Peel

Glazed Eye Candy -
Cover Girl Flamed Out Shadow Pot in Melted Pot
Estee Lauder Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trio in Sterling Plums
Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Zodiac
Girlactik Beauty Eye Glaze in Night

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Self July 2013

“Drop your towel, it could be damaging that pretty face of yours. Over time, your washcloth can cause capillaries and fine lines. Instead, rub your fingertips in a circular motion.”

Tips for your makeup -
“Flawless Face  - Apply it with a foundation brush to get the best coverage.
Sultry Eyes  - The more you layer, the better it looks.
Baby Doll Lashes - Two coats of jet-black mascara on upper and lower lashes.
Supermodel Cheekbones - dust highlighting powder from  the brow bone to the cheekbones to a C shape
Naked Lips - swipe on lip balm and then a nude lipstick”

Monday, July 7, 2014

Country Living July and August 2013

New Products to Try -
Sachajuan Overnight Hair Repair
Le Couvent des Minimes Soothing Night Hand Cream
Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye
L’Oreal Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Night Cream
Neosporin Lip Health Overnight Renewal Therapy

How to Preserve Flowers and Herbs -
“Pressing - Enclose fresh plant matter between two pieces of wax paper and insert into the middle of a large book. Place a heavy stone or another weighty tome on top of the closed book. Wait at least two weeks before removing the leaves or flowers.
Drying - Wrap twine around the tightly gathered stems of a small bunch of herbs or fully open flowers, and knot, leaving several inches of loose twine. To hang thee loose twine around a bouquet, tie the loose twine around a hook in a dark, ventilated place, like a closet or a garage. Let dry for at least two weeks.”

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cosmopolitan July 2013

$10 Beauty Buys -
Hard Candy Shadow Dancers in Movers and Shakers
Kissing Elixirs
Sephora Ombre Bobby Pin Ups
Voluspa Petite Candle in Bella Sucre
NYC New York Appleicious Lip Balm
MOR Lip Macarons
ELF Complexion Perfection
ME Bath Ice Cream
Hawaiian Tropic After Sun

Splash up  your Summer Routine
“Take A Dip - Stop fantasizing about bright,  dip-dyed hair, and go for it already! Hair chalk makes it easy.
Ocean View - The trendiest way to wear electric blue eyeliner: on lower lashes only and minimal makeup everywhere else.
Fish Tales - The inspiration behind this disheveled fish bone braid

Berry 411
“ Berries make you a brainiac: Antioxidants make neurons fire faster and protect brain cells. But berries can’t help you if they’re fuzzy and gross. To make them last longer...
1.Wait to wash them - water turns berries into mold magnets. Rinse what you’ll eat right before eating them.
2. Toss the Plastic Container - spread out berries so they have room to breathe in a paper towel lined, airtight container.
3. Clean Out Your Fridge - Trash past its prime good [like old cheese and fruit] so it doesn’t pass on mold spores.”

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Glamour June 2014

8 Summer Classics
1. The striped top
2. The boyfriend sweater
3. The A-Line skirt
4. The maxidress
5. The high waisted short
6. The jumpsuit
7. The culotte
8. a cutie ;)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Good Housekeeping June 2014

How to make the perfect patty -
1. Make mounts - divide 2.5lbs ground meat into 8 mounds [about 5 oz]. Loosely shape into balls
2. Shape disks - using your hands, gently flatten balls into .75in thick patties, but  don’t overwork the meat [doing so makes it tougher]. Smooth patty edges with your fingers.
3. Press centers - place patties on a flat surface. Using your thumbs, press in the centers of patties to make deep indentations. Refrigerate until ready to grill.

How to roast perfect marshmallows-
1. Choose your skewers - long hardwood sticks are best. Avoid wood from resinous trees like pine; they release sap when heated.
2. Perfect the placement - push skewer all the way through 1 or 2 marshmallows, leaving 1in empty at the tip to keep them from sliding off.
3. Go low and slow - a low burning fire is best. Slowly rotate marshmallows on skewer 2in away from heat source for 45 seconds.
4. Coo it down - like em well done? Let them catch fire for 10 seconds, blow out and cool 30 seconds. Never shake to extinguish.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Good Housekeeping May 2014

How to Wash Wisely

Reduce load size - cramming the tub isn’t a shortcut - clothes need to move to get clean! Adjust the water level and drying time, and if the washer and dryer have different capacities, go smaller.

Use the presoak cycle -  this setting agitates the contents and may dispense detergent before starting the main cycle, so extra dirty loads get cleaner without going through twice.

Add bleach yourself -  don’t have a timed bleach dispenser, but want its extra cleaning power? Add chlorine beacher as long as it’s safe for your fabrics to the load five minutes after the cycle starts. Earlier, and it will kill stain-fighting enzymes in the detergent.

Pick the right detergent - use only products with “HE” logo in high efficiency machines. Regular cleaners can generate too many suds, damaging these appliances.

Clean the machine - select the largest load size, fill the tub with hot water and a cup of bleach and run a cycle. Remove dispensers and drawers and rinse under hot water, brushing off residue.