Friday, July 11, 2014

Allure August 2013

Makeup for Sexy Summer Nights -
Physicians Formula Shimmers Strips blush in Healthy Glow
Lorac Tantalizer Body Bronzing Luminizer
Stila Liquid Lipstick in Bellissima
Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara
CoverGirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Melted Caramel Flame

How to Wear Glitter-
“Size Matters - the finer the particles, the better. Chunky, confetti - esque glitter is best on the stage or runaway.
Draw the Lines - ease into glittery eye makeup with sparkle-flecked liners. They’re simple to use because they can be worn with just black mascara. Don’t line your lower lashes, though.
Loosen UP - if you want to amp it up, try loose glitter. It sounds intimidating, but on nude lids it adds a pretty hint of shine. Choose warm metallics, like bronze, copper, or rose - gold. You must prep the lids with foundation first, so the particles have something to stick to, and line your eyes with black or brown pencil. Then use a flat shadow brush dipped in water to apply the sparkles.
Color in Key - go all out by layering glitter on top of eye shadow. Do matching shades of brown, navy or deep green, or you can even bolder by adding contrast with a muted metallic - like turquoise topped with soft silver or cobalt topped with copper.
Stop There - avoid shine anywhere else on your face. Stick to a semimatte foundation for these looks.”

Top Three Ways to Beat Dark Spots -
“1. Jump on the retinoid bandwagon. It’s often better than hydroquinone to treat hyperpigmentation.
2. Consider regular light laser peels. They can make a big difference, and they’re fast. The CO2RE Laser, its a radio-frequency activated laser that produces a controlled micropeel to restore skin’s glow and improve hyperpigmentation, as well as prominent pores. For best results, get five or six treatments, about two or three weeks apart.
3. Beat Breakouts. Getting acne under control will help minimize the subsequent postinflammatory hyperpigmentation [PIH].  Look cleansers with jojoba beads  for gentle exfoliation, chemical peels, and prescription Ziana or Epiduo gets to treat both the acne and the PIH”.

5 Rules of Choosing Brushes
“1. Consider your makeup routine. Purchasing shadow and liner brushes when you rarely wear eye makeup obviously makes no sense. The new tools may inspire change temporarily, but eventually, you’ll probably return to bare lids. Always keep your everyday look in mind when buying brushes. Then narrow your choices down your top three needs: are you a bronzer, bold lip, or smoky eye person?
2. Look for red flags.  Poor quality brushes can really mess up your makeup. Test - drive new brushes by swirling them on the inside of your arm [never try out a display  brush on your face - it could harbor bacteria ]. If the bristles feel scratchy, uncomfortably stiff, or sheed lip crazy, steer clear - they’ll drag and streak your makeup.
3. Don’t forget your fingers. Why buy a brush when you have ten free fingers? Certain kinds of makeup are easier to blend with a tool. For example, you can apply foundation and cream blush with your fingers. Your body
warms up the formula so it goes on more easily, slowly, and with less streaking.
4. Keep the compact brush. When you open a new compact, give the brush inside a chance; you may not need an upgrade.
5. Don’t go overboard. Only professional makeup artist require a broad collection of brushes, and even they cut corners. For example, a concealer brush can be used to apply lipstick. Most brushes can multitask so there is no need to buy one for every feature. “

Keeping Your Brushes Clean -
“1. Pick the right solution, Too much soap or alcohol dries out bristles [natural and synthetic]. Baby shampoo is safe and contains moisturizers.
2. Don’t submerge them. When the water seeps into the metal band under the bristles, the glue holding the fibers erodes. Pour cleanser into your palm and swirl the bristles in it. Rinse in a shallow bowl of water.
3. Reshape the bristles. Gently pull on the bristles on realign them and get rid of kinks.
4. Dry right. Never drip dry with the bristles pointing upward; lay brushes flat on a towel.”

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