Sunday, July 13, 2014

Allure March 2014

Homemade DIY Spa Treatments
Lemon Face Scrub - mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with a tablespoon of sugar. Scrub in circles, then wipe clean with a damp towel.
Honey and yogurt face mask  - mix a half cup of plain yogurt with a quarter cup of honey, smooth it onto your face, and let it sit for ten minutes. Honey is a fabulous antibacterial and probiotics in yogurt calms and brighten skin when it gets blotchy.
Oatmeal bath soak - puree a cup of rolled oats in a blender until the mixture is as fine as sand. Fill your tub with warm water [not hot water because it will dry skin more] and the oats, then soak.

5 Ways to Use Nivea Creme
1. Makeup remover - massaged into skin and rubbed off with a cloth or cotton ball, the cream removes even matte lipstick, and lip stain, as well as waterproof eye shadow and liner.
2. Shoe polish - dab a small amount of cream on an tissue and use it to buff your leather goods. But don’t use it on soft leather, such as kidskin and calfskin, as it could stain.
3. Styling cream - rub a tiny dab between your palms and run it through your hair to tame flyaways.
4. Primer - before applying cream blush, rub a pea size drop of the creme on your cheeks. It will give a more natural finish.
5. Cuticle Cream - the formula contains glycerin and lanolin to moisturize and create a barrier on the skin.

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