Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cosmopolitan July 2013

$10 Beauty Buys -
Hard Candy Shadow Dancers in Movers and Shakers
Kissing Elixirs
Sephora Ombre Bobby Pin Ups
Voluspa Petite Candle in Bella Sucre
NYC New York Appleicious Lip Balm
MOR Lip Macarons
ELF Complexion Perfection
ME Bath Ice Cream
Hawaiian Tropic After Sun

Splash up  your Summer Routine
“Take A Dip - Stop fantasizing about bright,  dip-dyed hair, and go for it already! Hair chalk makes it easy.
Ocean View - The trendiest way to wear electric blue eyeliner: on lower lashes only and minimal makeup everywhere else.
Fish Tales - The inspiration behind this disheveled fish bone braid

Berry 411
“ Berries make you a brainiac: Antioxidants make neurons fire faster and protect brain cells. But berries can’t help you if they’re fuzzy and gross. To make them last longer...
1.Wait to wash them - water turns berries into mold magnets. Rinse what you’ll eat right before eating them.
2. Toss the Plastic Container - spread out berries so they have room to breathe in a paper towel lined, airtight container.
3. Clean Out Your Fridge - Trash past its prime good [like old cheese and fruit] so it doesn’t pass on mold spores.”

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