Friday, January 30, 2015

Seventeen May 2014

Get a Bronzed Body
1. Bring on the soft!  It doesn’t matter how much self-tanner you use - if your skin isn’t soft, you’ll into a splotch monster. Smooth rough spots stat with a sea salt scrub.
2. Score a killer tan! Try a bronzing gel for the easiest insta-tan! It shows up on your skin as you apply, so you don’t miss a single spot - and you feel pretty right away!
3. Make a buffer your bestie! Fix “eek” streaks with a buffer! This magical eraser blends out any patchy areas that pop up.
4. Protect in a pretty way! Keep your faux tan soft and smooth and your skin protected with a daily moisturiser with SPF 30
5. Say hey to shea! Meet your secret weapon! Warm a few pumps of shea oil moisturizer in your hands, and rub it on spots you want to make even more glowy - like your arms or chest.

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