Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wysi Wipe

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I love these towelettes! You just add couple drops of water [or any type of liquid] and these little "tablets",  become 9" x 10" towelette. There is no struggling to open those stupid little aluminum packets that refuse to open! [ugh! damn you wipes, damn you!] Instead these great towelettes are soft, fragrance - free, no chemicals, and no alcohol added. These natural wipes are biodegradable and are made of cellulose. They are soft enough for the most sensitive skin but tough enough to remove dirt or anything other kind of debris.
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They are also perfect for travel.  Except you need a source of liquid to make the towelette expand. Other than that they are so GREAT! Like I said before they can be use for almost anything. You can use them to remove makeup from your face to cleaning your hands from a messy dinner [ back ribs, snow crab legs...drool].


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