Monday, March 26, 2012

Lime Crime – Great Pink Planet

Photo Source: Lime Crime
I never knew this brand even existed until randomly looking for a new lipstick to try. I wanted to give the pink lip trend a go. While this bubblegum pink looks pretty on the screen, it became a fluorescent pink. I thought if I walked into a dark room, my lips would glow in the dark. While the cotton candy color is not for me, I love the lipstick in general. The creamy lipstick goes on smoothly and makes my lips really soft. The formula itself is very long lasting and left a nice pinkish tint after the lipstick wore away. I can’t wait to try the other colors in this line, most especially the Glamour101 from the Lip Noir line.
The tint of the lipstick after it wears off

The swatch of the lipstick

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