Thursday, July 26, 2012

LaRocca 24k C-Gold Reparative Primer

This primer is, literally in fact, liquid gold for my face. I love how smooth and soft my face feels after applying this primer. This non greasy primer goes on smoothly like butter and was instantly absorbed into the skin. The LaRocca Skincare 24-K C-Gold Reparative Primer is made with 24K colloidal gold, Vitamin C and provides SPF protection.  The lightweight gel smooths, brightens, firms and reduces the damage occuring when sun worshipping. I got tons of compliments from friends asking what I was using on my face.  I just laugh and say “liquid gold”. Overall, I am in love with this primer. I would buy enough to coat my entire body in it but sadly with the $90 price tag, it will be a splurge for special occasions only.

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