Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bioelements Pumice Peel

Photo Source - Biolements

This creamy peel has a grainy texture due to the crushed pumice crystals. The pumice crystals were ultra-fine and it wasn’t painful or caused any irritation when I rubbed it on like the Prada Exfoliating Mask. It made my skin smooth and radiant by removing the dead cell layers and my unclogging pores. The peel was a bit messy to apply to my skin and was very difficult to remove from my hair. My only qualm was even after I thoroughly washed my face there was some grainy residue from the pumice grains left on my face no matter how hard I tried to wipe it off. The peel is packed with herbal extracts, hydrogenated polydecene, ginseng and antioxidants.  At  $51 for 2.5oz jar it can be quite pricey but you can use a small amount and still get results.

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