Saturday, October 6, 2012

Keri Shea Butter Conditioning Therapy Lotion

Photo Source - Drugstore

In the late winter and early summer my skin looks like a scaly desert. As unpleasant as that sounds it feels more unpleasant. Apart from the dry scaly appearance, my skin is also itchy and just quite uncomfortable. I have heard of the moisturizing and hydrating effects of shea butter and I heard this lotion had ample amounts of shea butter. The lotion is very thick, greasy and leaves a sticky residue because of the shea butter. I usually wear it a bit before going bed [I don’t like wearing lotion after showering] to allow it to fully absorb, otherwise I would stick to the sheets and everything else, but when I wake up my skin is soft and renewed. I use this as a weekly treatment rather than a daily lotion.

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