Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Seventeen December 2013 / January 2014

New Ways to Rock Your Body!
1. Create killer curves - skip the belt! Strategic color blocking cinches you in the same way to give you a va-va-voom shape.
2. Show off long legs - you’ve got the leg power to pull of a cropped cut! Showing some ankle and adding heels flaunt your killer height.
3. Highlight strong arms - leaving you arms bare lets you really play up their definition, while a peplum adds some curves to your lower half.
4. Reveal just enough -  you flirt! An off-the-shoulder dress accentuates a full chest without moving into skanky territory.
5. Bump up your cup size - score a little oomph up top with bold, glitzy patterns. Bonus tip: a cropped cut will keep prints from overwhelming a smaller frame.

Make Your Makeup Last -
1. Prime your skin - think of primer as your secret weapon! Apply it all over your face to mattify skin so your makeup won’t slide off.
2. Use powder to set -  when you finish with a high-def loose powder. This super fine translucent powder goes on sheer over foundation to make your face look airbrushed.
3. Prep lids for shadow - eyelids are oiler than the rest of your face, which will make smokey eyes smear way before midnight. To avoid, apply an eyeshadow base to absorb oil.  Pick one with a white base so the shadow goes on more intense.

Best Hair Masks for your texture -
Straight - your thin ends get brittle fast! Prevent splits by apply a weekly two minute shower mask to the tips only. Using it everywhere just makes your hair flat.
Relaxed - chemically treated hair is already dry, which makes knots from easily. Use a mask with hibiscus extract to keep hair tangle-free.
Wavy - Don’t weigh down your waves! Brushing a gel mask into towel-dried hair once a week p twice if it’s super-frigid out!] keeps them soft and pretty.
Curly - ringlets are prone to breakage. But slicking on a deep conditioner three times a week seals moisture in, so they stay healthy and bouncy.
Super - Curly - coarser curls need love every time you wash! After each shampoo, massage in a quarter-size dollop of a deep conditioner to strengthen from roots to ends.

Pretty Bronzers for your Skin Tone -
Golden - pick a bronzer with gold and pink tones - combined they add even more warmth to your skin.
Beige  - pick a bronzer with a hint of pink in it to brighten the yellow undertone in your skin and give you an overall rosier look.
Olive - use a matte bronzer a few shades darker than your skin for the perfect contour. Swoop it right under your cheekbones to make them seriously pop.
Fair - soft, shimmery copper adds just a hint of color without looking fake on your light skin.
Bronze -  you’re naturally tan, so just use a liquid illuminator on the apples of your cheeks for dewiness.
Deep - a sheer nutmeg bronzer brightens and evens out your skin tone! Apply the loose powder with a fluffy brush to cover any imperfections on your cheeks.

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