Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil - Pomegranate

Having tried the Bite Beauty VIB Rouge Creme Lipstick, I became in love with the Bite Beauty brand and couldn't wait to try their other products. When I came across this lip pencil, I had to buy it [I didn't just buy one, I bought three...]. I love pommies! They are the absolute best [Okay, probably not, but leave me to my delusions].

The moisturizing lip color goes on smoothly and leaves lips soft and smooth. The long lasting matte lip pencil gave my lips a rich red color.  It looks like I have gorged myself on a crate of pommies [is it wrong that I want some pommies now?]. The pencil is enriched with food grade ingredients that is safe to eat, not that you should though [a color this beautiful needs to be showcased to the world]. But we all been guilty of licking our lips or kissing our significant other. It's nice knowing you won't accidentally ingest poison and toxic while looking beautiful [because it shouldn't be deadly wanting to look pretty]. I love how each pencil is packed with resveratrol; the amount found in five glasses of red wine! But wine is still a better way of getting resveratrol. Being packed with all the good stuff, it has none of the bad stuff like synthetics, polybutenes, and petroleum byproducts.

Now excuse me, while I apply this rich creamy lip color and go eat some pommies and wash it down with red wine. Cheers to looking pretty, while doing it!

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