Sunday, May 31, 2015

Woman’s Day August 2014

Two Clever Uses for Balloons
1. Serve Dessert - Dip small, inflated balloons halfway into a bowl of melted chocolate, then place on a wax covered baking sheet and refrigerate until chocolate hardens. With a pin or scissors, pop and peel away the balloons so you’re left with edible bowls.
2. Anchor a tablecloth - prevent a gust of wind from pulling your table cloth up, by attaching it to homemade weights. Use a funnel to pour sand or rice into four uninflated balloons, knot them, then safety pin one to each of the tablecloth’s inside corners so they stay hidden while holding the fabric down.

Stress Less Mornings
1. Spend 5 minutes on the porch [or if you live in NYC by a window ---hopefully you don’t get an eyeful of your neighbor] Exposure to sunlight improves your energy thanks for the vitamin D, while increasing melatonin for better sleep at night.
2. Eat blueberries at breakfast. The berries are associated with a mood hormone that can help you cheer up when you’re feeling sad. They’re also packed with healthy antioxidants that may prevent cancer.
3. Have another cup of coffee. People who drink three or more cups of coffee a day may have a 37% lower risk of type 2 diabetes compared with those who sip less than a cup. Researchers believe a compound in the brew improves how your body processes sugar.

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