Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Book Review - Death at Fernside by PB Kolleri

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The cozy mystery novella is a short read and the 6th book in the Rachel Markham Series.  Rachel and Jeremy get a surprising invitation to Lady Woolton's 8rd birthday celebration. However, Lady Woolton has a different reason for inviting the duo along. The estate is haunted by an unsolved murder, a complicated suicide and something eerie lurking around the estate. The residents and guest are pitted against each other to find out the truth behind the murders. How far will someone go to protect those they love? Will families and friends turn against each other in their time of need?

The novel went by pretty quickly as it was only 158 pages. The novella was littered with typos and grammatical errors and was a tad boring. The conversation between characters didn't seem realistic or fluid. Very early in the novella, you are introduced to many characters and it was very hard to keep track of especially when the novella isn't that long to build on.  The book was quite boring but the ending was "interesting" but could be predictable if you read a lot of mystery novels. I just don't see myself ever reading anything by this author again.

**Disclosure - I recieved a free PDF copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

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