Saturday, January 7, 2017

Book Review - I Found You by Lisa Jewell

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Alice Lake finds a man sitting on the beach in the rain with no coat and doesn't remember how he got there or his name. The single mom sympathizes with him and invites him to stay with her.  Lily Monrose is a recently married 21 year old immigrant in a new country. However, her husband disappears one day and she can't get in contact with him. She knows no one and when she  reaches out to the police for help, they tell her her husband's identity isn't real. Twenty three years earlier, a family with two young teenagers are vacationing in their annual seaside home. However, a young suitor is attracted to Kirsty and something makes her brother, Gray uncomfortable around him. How are the three characters related? What is it about Kirsty's suitor that makes Gray uncomfortable? Who is the man on the beach? 

The characters were richly written and beautifully developed. You can't help to root for them and yell "What were you thinking?!" while reading. The story keeps readers on the edge of their chairs while wondering how are the characters related. It's a beautiful tale of three imperfect characters searching for their version of love. 

**Disclosure - I receieved a free copy of an uncorrected PDF in exchange for an honest review**

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