Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Book Review - Home at Last (Chicory Inn #5) by Deborah Raney

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Every sibling in the Whitman family has settled down with their soul mates, except for Link. He is stuck in a dead end job, lives in a small dump of apartment, and can't seem to find love. When, his sister's wedding day approaches, Link feels the loneliness sinking in.

Shayla Michaels has always felt the burden of life. Her mother's white family disowned her and her mother because of her African American father. While, her father's family did disapprove of her, they eventually embraced her.  After her mother's death, following her brother's incarceration, it left Shayla with a niece, Portia and her father bitter. Will Shayla and Link be able to put their differences aside and find love? Will they let the skin color dictate who they should fall in love with?

The novel was beautifully written and had engaging characters. I found myself hoping that Link and Shayla could put their differences aside and fall in love. I sometimes, find myself yelling, "Why did you do that, you fool --- Go after her!!".  I loved how the story featured characters of mixed races and felt that added another dimension to the story. A truly heart warming story and I can't wait to read other novels by the author.

**Disclosure -  I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion**

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