Sunday, December 31, 2017

Book Review - A Place at Our Table (Amish Homestead #1) by Amy Clipston

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Kayla Dienner vowed to protect  her heart after seeing the heartache her sister-in-law, Eva, faced when Kayla's brother, Simeon died while firefighting. Less than two months after her brother's death, Kayla's boyfriend, Abram, also breaks up with her. She felt abandoned and hurt, so she closed off her heart to love.

James Riehl tries to juggle the volunteer work at the fire department and running his farm. James finds he barely has any time for himself, let alone to find the time to date someone. However, when an accident calls him to the Dienner's family, James can't deny the attraction he feels for Kayla. Will Kayla and James be able to put their past behind them and love again?

I have read a few other books from Amy Clipston and felt they were enjoyable. However, I felt that Kayla was a bit demanding. James is reeling from a tragedy and Kayla wants him to put her first, when they only just started dating. She tries to be understanding,  but once they start dating, she puts most of the burden on James. She used to go visit James at work, but after they start dating, she expects him to plan all the dates along with seeing him everyday. When James tries to make the effort, she is constantly pushing him away and then wonders why he doesn't make the effort. However, he is always the one coming back and asking for another chance, even when Kayla broke up with James just when he needed her the most. Kayla came across as needy and demanding when they became a couple instead of the caring and understanding person, she was portrayed to be.

**Disclosure - I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion**

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