Monday, February 25, 2019

Book Review - Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat #1 by Johnny Marciano

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Klawde had it all. He was the High Commander of his planet, he had sharp claws and fine fur, along with loyal followers. However, all that changes when he was betrayed and sentenced to the worst punishment possible. He was exiled to a small planet named Earth.

Raj had everything he wanted. He lived in a cool apartment in Brooklyn and his friends lived in the same building. All of his favorite stores were in walking distance. Then his mom gets a new job in Elba, Oregon and then he is forced to move. Then the summer begins and Raj has no friends. His mother encourages him to join a nature camp to find new friends.

I thought the book was a fun read. I enjoyed that the book switched back and forth between Raj and Klawde. The dialogue between Klawde and Raj was witty and funny. It was funny seeing everyday human interactions and things from a different perspective. I thought the illustrations were a nice added treat. Overall, a fun and interesting read especially for fans with feline companions.

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