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Book Review - The Girl Who Sailed the Stars by Matilda Woods

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Oona Britt is the youngest of seven daughters born in the magical town of Nordlor. The beautiful coastal town of Nordlor is built from wrecked whaling ships. Oona's father enlisted the advice of a soothsayer promising him a "bold and brave son". When Oona was born, she bought her great disappointment and angered her sea captain father who desperately wanted a son. Oona loves the ocean and wants to sail on a ship but, her father believes girls don't belong to them.

Because Oona craves adventure and knowledge, she is teased and considered an outsider from her family. When her family decides the girls will be sent down to the South to be married off, Oona resolves this isn't the life she wanted and decides to sneak aboard her father's ship. Oona realizes he is setting sail for his annual winter whale hunt and she is about to be a part of a great adventure. During her great adventure on the sea, Oona meets the different characters aboard her father's ship, including the ship's sea cat, Barnacles and the navigator named Haroyld. As much as Oona tries to show her father her worth and win his love, he is furious and continuously disappointed in her. Will Oona be able to prove to her father that she is the brave and bold child the soothsayer promised?

I loved this novel. I don't say this lightly because I have maybe a handful of books this year that elicited such emotions while reading. I love everything about this novel, except maybe some of the kooky illustrations that decorated each page. This glorious book teaches children and adults, that we cannot live to please others and being true to oneself if the best path. While reading this novel, I was reminded of Roald Dahl's brilliant masterpieces such as "The Witches", "Mathilda", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", and "James and the Giant Peach".  It had a bit of dark humor mixed in with a delightful story of bravery and following your heart. Best of all, it teaches young girl they have power to their voices heard and can conquer their dreams on their own. A definite read for any young adventurous soul!

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    When Oona Britt was born in the magical town of Nordlor, where all of the homes are built from wrecked ships, her parents never expected her to be a girl. Having listened to a faulty prediction from a washed-up soothsayer, they were promised a "bold and brave son," so as the youngest of seven sisters, Oona's birth became a disappointment -- especially to her sea captain father, who doesn't believe there's a place for girls aboard ships. 

     But Oona is different from the rest of her family. She longs for adventure and knowledge. So she steals aboard her father's ship just as he's about to set sail for his annual winter whale hunt, and suddenly finds herself in the midst of a grand adventure! The ship has its own sea cat, Barnacles, and a navigator named Haroyld, who show Oona how to follow the stars. But for all that, Oona's father is furious. Can she prove to him that she's worth his love and pride, even though she's not the bold and brave son he was promised? 

     This follow-up to The Boy, the Bird & the Coffin Maker carries just as much heart and charm as Matilda Woods's first novel. The characters, story, and illustrations will dazzle readers.

Matilda Woods (www.matildawoods.com) grew up in the small town of Southern Tablelands, Australia. She graduated from Monash University with a Masters of Social Work. Matilda splits her time between writing middle grade fiction and working as a youth social worker. She is the author of The Boy, the Bird & the Coffin Maker, and she currently lives in the same small town where she grew up, with her four chickens, three dogs, two cats, and one bird.

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