Friday, August 16, 2019

Book Review - The Missing Years by Lexie Elliott

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Ailsa Calder's mother recently willed her an old Scottish manor. However, only half of the house belongs to her. The other half belongs to her father who disappeared twenty-seven years ago with diamonds. Ailsa is torn between leaving her life in London behind and returning to her childhood home. She returns to get the house in order before selling and asks her half-sister to join her.

While spending time at the Manse, Ailsa feels claustrophobic and can't sleep. She feels drained and tired. She senses someone is watching her and especially when she hears stories about the manor's past. Then one night an intruder shows up causing Ailsa to fear what secrets the Manse might be hiding. Will Ailsa be able to move on from her father's disappearance?

I have read the "French Girl" and liked it but, this novel left me baffled. While the "villain" was unexpected, I felt disappointed. The novel dragged on and on only for a mediocre ending. I was left with more questions than answers. This novel is an easy pass and not worth even a second glance.

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