Sunday, June 25, 2023

Book Review - Mindset: The Complete Series by Zack Kaplan


Mindset: The Complete Series by Zack Kaplan is a graphic novel about the perils of mind control. A college student is behind in his college coursework. He asks a teacher’s assistant to let him into the lab to finish an experiment. While working on the experiment, he discovers that certain sounds and lights have the ability to control people.

He decides to create an app with his friends to help people meditate and break their addiction to technology. While our protagonist’s intentions were noble, things take a turn when someone programs the app to control people maliciously.  Will the college student and his friends be able to figure out who is behind the override before it’s too late?

I like reading graphic novels but this was my first time reading one from this genre. The artwork was nicely done and had a bit of a mystery. I usually like graphic novels with a bit more humor to them. It took a bit of time before I got invested in the story. If you like mind-bending, sci-fi thrillers, you might enjoy this graphic novel more than I did.

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