Sunday, December 31, 2023

Book Review - Dreams of Falling by Karen White


Dreams of Falling by Karen White is about a woman, Larkin Lanier, who returns home after her beloved mother goes missing. Many years ago, three young girls spent most of their lives together. Their childhoods were intertwined with each other and they were rarely apart. They decided to write their hopes and dreams on ribbons and stow it in a special tree for their wishes to come true. Their most important one was that whatever happens, they will remain friends forever.

Larkin left her home in Georgetown, South Carolina, nine years ago humiliated. She felt that she could never go back and face her friends after an embarrassing incident.  However, when she receives a call that her mother has gone missing, she realizes that she has no choice but to return back home. She is excited to see her family who missed her and wants her to come back home, but dreads running into her childhood friends who remember the incident that caused her to leave.

Larkin’s mother, Ivy, is discovered near the burned out wreckage of her family’s home. She is unconscious and badly injured when she is found. No one knows why Ivy decided to go to the house and Larkin is desperate to find answers. As she digs for answers, she discovers the reason why her mother went to the house. The secrets that she uncovers dates back fifty years ago and it began with those three girls whose friendship was tested in the most heartbreaking ways.

This was the second book I read by the author. I felt that the author is skilled at creating realistic Southern characters but it feels to me that her main female characters are always unlikeable. I didn’t care for Larkin’s storyline as much because I found her to be annoying. She was rude and assumed the worst of her best friends without any reason but she gave the benefit of the doubt to a guy who was constantly rude and mean to her. Larkin was dismissive when her childhood friends were trying to make amends or hang out but willingly hung out with a guy who was demeaning to her on multiple occasions. I didn’t understand why her friends were so loyal and understanding to Larkin when she wasn’t very nice to them in turn. Larkin acted like the entire world revolved around her and didn’t really care about anyone else’s feelings and she kept acting like “woe is me”.

The book was told from alternating points of view and timelines. I found it difficult to keep track of the different characters because there were so many and each one was related to each other. I felt that Ivy’s chapters didn’t add much to the story. In the majority of her chapters, she spent time trying to figure out what is keeping her attached to Earth, or she was pining for her dead boyfriend, Ellis. I felt like the chapters would have a bigger impact if we got more details about their relationship.

I didn’t like that the characters refused to share information with each other until Ivy woke up from her coma or there was another interruption that caused the delay. I felt that  caused the story to drag on longer than necessary. The book was slow moving with pages of nothing happening. Aside from the annoying main character and the predictable twists, I found the book to be an okay read. I would be open to reading more books by the author.

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