Sunday, February 27, 2011

Befine Night Cream

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I never used to apply night creams/serums before. I thought it was more important just to properly wash your face at night and apply sunscreen/moisturizers in the morning. Boy, was I wrong! When you sleep, your body doesn't stop working...heck it sometimes it goes into overtime [hence, why it is called beauty sleep!]. It restores your body's natural balance and repair damage cells, for example.

This potent night cream is packed with Rice Bran, Millet and Cocoa.   The caffeine in cocoa increases circulation and makes skin radiant. Iris Florentina extracts smooths fine lines. Rice bran improves skin's elasticity and support collagen growth. While the rice bran oil contains Vitamin E that nourishes your skin.

After using the night cream, I woke up to softer and smoother skin. My skin appeared more radiant  and fresh. People are constantly asking me, what is my secret to great skin. I simply say, "beauty rest", which is technically true, but no one needs to know I have one more secret ingredient.


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