Monday, May 7, 2012

Macadamia Natural Oil – Healing Oil Treatment

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It seems once, one company makes a hit product every company is trying to release their own version of that product. Five years ago, if you asked me if I used hair oil, I would have been mildly offended thinking you are asking if I use Rogaine or some “natural” remedy to cure my hair problems. Now, hair oil treatments are mainstream and the name no longer carries a negative meaning [well at least not for me anymore]. As much as I like the Moroccan oil, I wanted to see what else the market had to offer [a typical makeup lover that always want more J]. Like all the other oil treatments it promises to reduce drying time and improving hair quality. Along with providing UV protection and when added to hair dye prior to application it extends the life of the dye job [I haven’t tried this yet..I am giving my hair a break from the dye jobs]. My hair became soft and shiny. The only downside is that when I applied this oil to my newly washed hair it became really greasy.

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