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Allure September 2013

Editors’ Favorites
Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in Scarlatto
Benefit Gimmer Brow in Medium/Deep
Orly Matte FX Lacquer
Lancome DreamTone Corrector
Toni & Guy Shine Gloss Serum
Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow in bonne Etolle
L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Eyeliner in Violet and Cobalt

Personalize Your Perfume
The Basics
1. Skin is not the place to experiment -  to be certain a scent combination works, test it on fine blotting paper - or even a tissue. The thin material absorbs fragrance similar to the way skin does, giving you an accurate idea of how it will smell once you dab it on
2. Sniff out olfactory bullies - spray two scents in your bathroom and walk away for a few minutes. If you can detect only one when you return, that perfume is most likely going to dominate on your skin, too.
3. Don’t decant several fragrances into one bottle  - instead, wear different scents on separate body parts. Instead, wear different scents on separate body parts. Confine heavier ones to pulse points [the base of the neck, crooks of arms, backs of the knees, and wrists] where body temperature is higher. Body heat diffuses and distributes fragrance more evenly.  Place lighter scents in prominent points, such as the tops of your shoulders.
4. Start strong - dip cotton swabs in the scents you’re combining, and apply the strongest one to skin first, giving it a chance to air. Finish with the lightest.
5. Combine different concentrations - apply a single drop of eau de parfum on your wrists or inner elbows. Spritz lighter eau de toilettes into the air and walk through.
6. Layer by lathering - pick a fragrance you love, then find bath products with a matching scent. Start with a body wash, apply moisturizer, and finish with perfume.

Tricks of the Trade
1. Give a sweet or ultra feminine scent more edge by layering  a fresh, clean men’s cologne like CK one on top.
2. Try transitioning your scent  from day to night. If you start out wearing an airy floral, like freesia, spritz on heady gardenia or tuberose to give it more depth and staying power. Warm, fleshy notes, such as amber and musk, also intensify lighter daytime fragrances.
3. Powerful raw materials, such as oud, and gourmand notes, like vanilla, are the most difficult to layer because they instantly overwhelm other scents.
4. Rose is one of the most versatiles, identifiable notes around. It adds decadence and a hint of romance to any scent, but for a real impact, use it to transform a familiar or iconic fragrance.
5. Found a combination you love? Dab pure almond oil on your skin, then layer those fragrances on top of it. The concentrated base helps it last longer.
6. You can turn up the sex appeal of any fragrance by blending it with vetiver, a woodsy - scented oil distilled from grass.

Dry Shampoo Surprises-
Dry shampoo sops up oil and preserves blowouts, but that’s just the beginning. Here, three uses you might not have considered .
1. Get a grip - coat bobby pins before slipping them into the hair. It gives them a rough, matte texture so they won’t budge.
2. Fake lift - spray it on roots and mist the rest of the hair with salt spray for amazing, tease-free volume
3. Add bulk - tousle dry shampoo through midlengths or on a ponytail to create fullness

Mastering Nail Sticker
1. Prep and clean nails just as you would for a manicure with regular nail polish
2. Pick or snip a sticker to fit every nail. Pick a sticker that’s larger than your nail. Before applying, cut away the excess from the sides using nail scissors and make the rounded end straighter or more curved depending on the shape of your nail. If you don’t have to trim, err on the small side, since a too-wide sticker will bunch.
3. Don’t skip basecoat - it helps nail stickers adhere. Press them on before the base coat completely dries and it acts a glue
4. Warm the stickers slightly by rubbing it between your fingers to make it more flexible
5. Anchor the round edges at the base of the cuticle. holding the tip, stretch it over the entire nail. Seal down the middle and perimeter with your fingers, and flatten any wrinkles or bubbles with an orange stick.
6. To remove the excess length, gently skim a nail file - downward only - over the tip of the nail. Sawing from side to side can tear the wrap.
7. Use a top coat - it locks in shine, keeps the edge from peeling, and generally from a quickie mani look a whole lot more ground.

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