Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cosmopolitan March 2014

[Sorry I lost the screenshot I had of this magazine, I guess I have too much of a backlog! :( ]

Look Amazing on Skype
1. Glow On - webcam pixelation can make skin appear dull and lifeless. Choose a illuminating foundation.
2. Don’t Over Hue-It - some computer screens oversaturate colors meaning anything highly pigmented can have clownlike effects. Choose sheer blushes and lip tints.
3. Go Au Naturel -  artificial overhead lighting casts not so cute overshadow under your eyes. Place your laptop next to a sunny window - natural light is far more flattering.

How to do a Face Massage - apply a thin layer of an oil or cream, then -
1. How to zap jawline tension - bend the pointer and middle fingers of each hand so the bent knuckles makes a V shape.
2. To de-puff eyes or cheek - sit with your elbows on your knees, then firmly press the hell of your hand against the affected area for 10 seconds; repeat three times.
3. To smooth your forehead - spread the tips of all eight fingers [not thumbs]  along the tops of your brows. From there, make slow zigzag motions upward to the hairline; repeat five times [each times starting at the brows so you’re not pulling down skin]

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