Thursday, April 2, 2015

Acure 100% Organic Moroccan Argan Facial Oil

Photo Source - Birchbox

I have many benefits of facial oil, after reading some good reviews about this product -- I decided to try it. I was going to try it on my face after cleansing but I had a seriously breakout and I didn’t want to chance getting an allergic reaction or make my acne worst. I decided to use it on my body as usually oil has more than one use. Upon opening the bottle and sniffing the product, I was  immediately was turned off by the rancid odor, I always though argan oil was a sweet scented oil. I guess, I was wrong. Upon putting the oil on my legs which suffer razor burn this morning [I know, why didn’t I use shaving cream I couldn’t find it until it was too late!] and it started to burn and I got a bunch of little red spots everywhere. I am guessing from the spots that got inflamed from this morning and made my skin on my legs very sensitive to the touch. The oil was a bit greasy and left a bit of residue. I had to wait for a while for the oil to sink in. Overall, I am not impressed, I say skip this oil and find another as the “oil market” is quite saturated with other products.

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