Saturday, April 18, 2015

Redbook June 2014

How to Get Ready in 5 Minutes -
1. Start with a creamy concealer stick. Swipe it half an inch under your eyes from corner to corner [if you do it right at the lashes, it can look heavy]; tap with your ring finger to blend. Pat it on any redness or spots, too. This alone will brighten your whole face.
2. Even out your skin tone. Dust a powder foundation all over your face with a big, fluffy brush. It’ll give you flawless coverage that won’t cake or look heavy.
3. Sweep on blush - swish a rosy or soft peach cream blush first on your apples, then back along your cheekbones. You can apply with your fingers, but a blush brush helps the color go on more evenly.
4. Add mascara - smush the brush into the base of your lashes, then bring it in toward your nose as you pull up to the tips, wiggling a bit as you go. That - and filling in any sparse areas on your brows with a pencil - wakes you right up.
5. Swipe on a sheer pink gloss - it makes your lips look lsh - and you don’t even need a mirror to put it  on.

To make any lipstick last hours swipe it on as usual, then finger dab a bit of plain of powder blush on top of it. To add sheen, use a shimmery blush or a highlighter instead.

To do a quickie facial - chop up two cucumbers and toss them in a blender with a handful of ice; whip to a puree texture. Pour out the mix, add a few drops of peppermint oil, and spread it  on your face.

A good body scrub - mix two scoops of coconut oil [microwave it first to soften it] with twice as much sugar and lemon peel. Rub it on and then wash off.

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