Saturday, June 27, 2015

Self September 2014

How to wear the bomber jacket
Keep it  casual - play up the jacket’s athletic feel with track pants in an unexpected materials like leather or silk, plus a simple V-neck tee and classic sneakers.
Dress it up - elevate the look with a pencil skirt or a fitted, knee length dress in a solid color, plus stilettos. For jewelry, try something sleek and modern, like a brushed silver ring.

Fresh for Fall

Bold Brows-
The trend - brows are filled in and thick but natural - creating a polished look that’s perfect for work. Your brow hair already has a bit of sheen to it. New formula contains mica particles that add just enough shine.
The trick - using light stroke, fill in brows with a brow pencil and cream, starting at the arch. Deposit color there first, because that’s where brows are most dense and dark.

Flushed Cheeks -
The trend - a brown contouring shade enhances bone structure; peach (if you have cool undertone) or hot pink (for warm undertones) mimics natural rosiness. Brown creates a shadow, which makes your cheekbones look more prominent.
The trick - blend brown brush from your cheek to your ear to create a shadow effect just below your cheekbones.  Use a fan brush because it deposits a thin veil of color. Dust peach blush on cheekbones or pink on apples of cheeks.

Berry Lips
The trend - Apply matte raspberry or blackberry lipstick, applied with a light touch.
The trick - apply the lipstick with your ring finger. Rub finger on lipstick, then pat into your lips, starting at the center and working your way to the corners.  Concentrating color in the middle creates the illusion of fuller lips. And working it in with your finger helps the pigment sink in.

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