Saturday, July 4, 2015

Better Homes and Garden October 2014

Create a fall window box
  1. Ornamental kale - position 1 - 2 large ornamental kale or cabbage plants toward the front of the planter.
  2. Mums - place 2 - 3 mums behind the kale. Add potting soil around the mums and kale to secure the plants. Position sheet moss around the planter for a polished look.
  3. Pumpkins and gourd for the finishing touch, nestle an assortment of small pumpkins and gourds on each end.

Maximize your eyes for your type
Deep set - blend a shimmery taupe shadow onto lids and inner corners. To bring eyes forward, draw eyeliner just above the roots of your lashes.
Wide set - make sure your shadow color is as intense on the center of your lids as it is on the outer corners, and concentrate extra coats of mascara on the center of your lashes.
Closet set -  start your liner near the center of your eye (instead of the inner corner) and gradually widen the line until you reach the outer corner. Blend highlighter onto the unlined part of your lash line.
Downturned -  apply liner across the entire length of the lash line, then flick the end of the line upward, cat-eye style. Smudge shadow up and out toward the tail end of your brow.

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