Thursday, July 30, 2015

Book Review - Einkorn: Recipes for Nature's Original Wheat

Image Source - Random House

What exactly is Einkorn? Einkforn is one of the only ancient wheat that has not been hybridized and modified. Many people who have gluten sensitivity (even though it has more than "regular" wheat ) use this type of flour to enjoy foods they might otherwise wouldn't. The author, Carla Bartolucci took to finding an alternative grain for her daughter Giulia to be able to eat certain foods. The book is packed with the history, science and information about Einkorn along with baking tips. 

The book contains roughly 100 recipes accompanied by 85 color photographs. I may be in the minority but I didn't find the pictures to be particularly appealing or appetizing. I did find a couple of recipes I wanted to try, especially the bread but was heartbroken to find that most of the supermarkets and specialty markets doesn't carry the flour. I did manage to find an online retailer, Jovial Foods (the author owns the company, if I am not mistaken) that sells a 10 pound bag for $33 not including shipping and tax. For that price, I might as well go and buy freshly made loaf every week. Granted, I do not suffer from any type of gluten sensitive so this book and type of flour I am not the target demographic. A nice book to flip through but it might be best for people who have gluten sensitivities.

**Disclosure - I was given a copy of the book for my full and honest opinion. The links attached are also affiliate links.**

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