Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day of the Dead Cookie Kit

I came across this cooking kit and thought it would be fun date night idea ( a very cheap date night idea as it was only $10 ). The kit came with sugar cookie mix, royal icing mix, edible watercolor palettes, brushes, black icing pen and a plastic cookie cutter. The instructions were pretty easy and straightforward.  The kit included most of the ingredients except for butter, egg, water, and powdered sugar. 

First, we made the sugar cookie mix and made the frosting while the cookies were baking. Since, we didn't have powdered sugar we used regular sugar and that was a bad idea. It came out too light and also grainy.  After we finished, frosting the cookies we used the watercolor paper palettes to paint the cookies. Perhaps, the kit was old but the colors took a lot of water before anything appeared on the brush. Sadly, the watercolors included was not enough for all the cookies we made. The kit was a fun idea but we probably would not get this particular one again.

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