Thursday, March 10, 2016

Book Review - Baker's Magic by Diane Zahler

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**May Contain Spoilers**

Flowers, Magic, Pirates, Princesses, Maidens, Kidnapping, Bees, Bugs, Baking and Mayhem -- Oh My!

Bee has always been alone.  While wandering around in a new kingdom, Bee stole a bun from a bakery out of desperation. She was immediately caught but the baker took pity on her. Taking her under his care, they both realize Bee is an amazing baker. When one of Bee's friends needs help, Bee stops at nothing to protect those she loves. Together they embark on a journey to save her friends and the kingdom while protecting all she holds dear.

The heartwarming story is filled with quirky cute characters. The book is full of adventure and imagination. I can see how this can be a favorite about middle school age children and it teaches them a valuable lesson on believing yourself while protecting your family.

*Disclosure - I received a free uncorrected eBook copy of this book for my honest opinion*

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