Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Book Review - The Never-Open Desert Diner by James Anderson

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**May Contain Spoilers**

Ben Jones is a heavily in debt truck driver on Route 117. The desert is known as a haven for criminals and people running from their past. Ben provides the inhabitants with supplies and is usually their only contact with the outside world. Each of the inhabitants carry with them a mysterious past and a deep need to keep it a secret. One of the many stops on Ben's route is a mysterious once-famous roadside diner that hasn't open in years but still remains in pristine condition. Among the diner is an abandoned housing development where Ben finds a beautiful woman named Claire. Claire is sitting alone in the abandoned structure and is beautifully playing the cello. As the two fall in love, Claire's past emerges and she is desperate to get rid of it. Will Ben and Claire be able to find their happy ending they both so desperately need?

The beautifully written novel has many twists and turns while keeping the reader entice to the very end. You will root for Claire and Ben to love and complete each other. The book shows how far you would go for to protect the ones you love. But it also shows that when you love someone, they are not yours forever -- you just merely borrow them. As one of the characters put it, the desert is home to light but also for the opportunity for you to embrace it.

**Disclosure : I received a free copy of this book for my honest opinion**

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