Monday, April 18, 2016

Book Review - The Secret Language of Sisters by Luanne Rice

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A heartwarming tale of two inseparable sisters coping when a tragedy strikes leaving one of them paralyzed. Tilly's text message is the reason for Roo being in the hospital bed. Roo and Tilly are not only sisters but best friends. They are able to read and understand each other when no one else can. When Roo is lying in the hospital struggling for someone to understand her; Tilly is able to tell that her sister isn't in a coma and needs help. Roo went from being the independent older sister who takes care of her younger sister, Tilly to relying on others.  Will Roo and Tilly be able to to move past this and be together again? Will they be able to keep their bond intact?

I never had a sister but reading this novel made me wish I had one. Not to say growing up with a brother was horrible (although, the endless days of torturing...) but I sometimes wonder if I would have a strong bond as Roo and Tilly. But having a sibling, always does give you this bond of knowing someone will there for you even if you are at each other's throat. The special bond knowing you are never alone and growing up in the same house and sharing the sam experiences but turning out completely different. The book made me realize sometimes we just don't realize how lucky we are to be alive and we are holders of our future and actions. No one can't make us do something we don't want to do and we are responsible for the outcome of our actions.

**Disclosure - I received an uncorrected copy of this book from a giveaway for my honest opinion**

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