Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Book Review - To Wager Her Heart (Belle Meade Plantation, #3) by Tamera Alexander

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Alexandra was like every other girl until a deadly train accident changes the course of her life. The Dutchman Curve accident claimed the life of Alexandra's beloved finance. When her father declares she must marry an older gentleman, Alexandra must make a choice -- will she marry according to her father's wish or will she marry for love?

Sylas Rutledge is the owner of the Northeast Line Railroad but also his father was one of the conductors involved in the train accident. He is determined to make his new venture a success and provide his father's innocence. However, since Sylas is from Colorado he has trouble with the Southern etiquette and enlists Alexandra's help. Will Alexandra be able to forget that Sylas's dad is responsible for her fiancee's death? Will Sylas's be able to prove his father's innocence?

When I first read the summary for the novel, it seem like the novel was going to be based more around Sylas's business venture and Alexandra teaching him the Southern ways. However, I felt that portion of the story took the back burner and it became more focused on Alexandra's life at the Fisk University. The novel had a lot of mini stories going on and I felt the author left the ending open for another novel to follow but I felt the novel lacked depth for me to continue reading more. I felt that the novel was longer by several chapters than it needed to be and some aspects of the novel was given a few words while other mini stories had unnecessary chapters dedicated to it.

**Disclosure - I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion**

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